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Disinfectants help keep facilities clean, healthy and safe!

The spread of contagious illness and disease remains a top concern for public and private institutions. Billions of dollars are lost every year by businesses when sick employees are unable to work. Student academic performance suffers when schools lose millions of days each year. This is due to the combined effects of the cold and flu. Healthcare is even more impacted with the challenge of keeping already sick patients from contracting healthcare acquired infections (HAI). ​

A big part of infection control is sanitation practices that include regular cleaning and disinfecting, in particular, high-touch surfaces contacted by many individuals over a short period. In partnership with Multi-Clean, Prime Source Supply offers both liquid disinfectants and disinfecting wipes to control a variety of pathogens including MRSA, Norovirus and Hepatitis B. As well as a variety of hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitizes for use in healthcare, schools, offices, daycare’s, restaurants and more. 

The Multi-Clean Disinfecting & Sanitizing Handbook is designed to be a guide and reference manual that will help educate you and your staff on the importance on what germs are and why germicidal cleaners are needed. Click on the video below.