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Betco pH7 Neutral Floor Cleaner, Lemon Scent, 1 Gal, 4 Gal/Case

ITEM # 30054

  • Dissolves and removes a wide variety of soils, leaving floors film free
  • Neutral pH – won’t attack, haze, or dull floor gloss
  • Controlled foam – ideal for use in autoscrubbers, mop buckets and pails
  • Restores shine to resilient tile floors
  • Superior hard water performance


Betco pH7 mild neutral floor cleaner will emulsify and suspend dirt and grime on any hard surface from tabletops to floors. Perfect for use in many ways from the spray bottle to auto scrubber.

  • Recommended for mopping or autoscrubbing finished floors. Can also be used as a spray and wipe cleaner on appliances, desks, plastic, stainless steel and painted surfaces.
    1. Dilute 1 to 3 U.S. oz./U.S. gal. or 8 to 23 mL/L of water, depending on soil conditions.
    2. Apply cleaning solution using a mop or autoscrubber.
    3. Pick up the solution. Rinsing is not required except in very dirty situations.
    4. Allow floor to dry thoroughly.
Available In:

SDS Sheet

Additional information

Weight38 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 12.5 × 12.5 in
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