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Carlisle 60″ Yellow Fiberglass 1″ Diameter, Honeycomb Core Threaded Broom Handle

ITEM # 30075
      • Color-coded safety yellow, supports your HACCP program.
      • Premium lightweight, durable fiberglass construction.
      • Perfect for use with standard size broom heads (sold separately).
      • Universal threaded tip for easy broom head installation.
      • Great for foodservice, hospitality, and retail locations.


Carlisle 60″ Yellow Fiberglass Threaded Broom Handle

With its premium fiberglass construction that is lightweight yet durable, this light weight and heavy-duty fiberglass handle is sure to stand up to the busy demands of your foodservice, office, or retail location. It is designed for use with standard size broom heads (sold separately). Its universal threaded tip allows for easy installation of a compatible broom head.

This handle’s safety yellow color allows your team to implement a color-coded cleaning system in conjunction with your business’s cleaning plan. Designate it for use in a certain area to prevent cross-contamination and promote sanitary conditions. 

Available in multi-colors for your facilities color coded program:  White, Green, Blue and Red.


Overall Dimensions:
Length: 60″

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