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CHEMCOR Solution 2 Hi/Low Temp Final Rinse Aid Additive 5-GAL

$85.10 /Pail

Item #80312

  • A concentrated rinse additive delivers rapid sheeting for spot free drying in both low and high temperature dishmachines.
  • Hard water effective
  • Accelerates drying
  • Controls foaming
5 Gal. Pail, ea


Chemcor Hi/Low Temperature Rinse Aid Additive. A spot and rinse additive for Hi & Low temperature institutional and commercial mechanical warewashing machines. Blended with special wetting agents to effectively operate in all temperatures helping reduce water surface tension. Aids in the prevention of spotting, streaking, and hazing on glassware, flatware, and dishes. Promotes quicker drying. Helps prevent soil redeposition. For use in large scale institutional and commercial warewashing operations. Works quickly, safely, and effectively to sheet off water. Provides outstanding results when used in conjunction with Solutions 1 & 3.

Blue Concentrate

*E.P.A. Reg. U.S.D.A. Approved, yellow solution

SDS Sheet.

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