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CHEM Solution 3 Ultra-San Low-Temp Chlorinating Sanitizer 5-Gal (BKT)

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ITEM # 80314

A commercial Low-temp, final rinse machine chlorinating sanitizer. For use in automatic commercial dish machines.

MFR# 61105


A premium liquid active chlorine sanitizer for commercial use on dishes, glasses and utensils in low temperature machine dishwashing operations. Works equally well in either low or high temp machines. Use in final rinse. This product completes your washing cycle by rinsing your dishes to make them clean and safe to use. Strong enough to meet any health regulations, this sanitizer will keep your establishment up to code and running smoothly. Using a chemical sanitizer instead of thermal options also saves you money on your utility bills every month. In many areas, the recommended level is 50-100ppm available chlorine. Federal regulations (21 CFR Part 178) permit the use of hypochlorite solutions on food processing equipment and contact areas (tables) but state that solutions used for sanitizing equipment does not exceed 200ppm available chlorine. If higher concentrations are used, a final rinse in potable water is required. IMPORTANT: The concentration before any dilution in our Low Temp Sanitizer is 6.25% active Chlorine. 6.25% active chlorine equates to 62,500 ppm! You must dilute the Sanitizer way down; either manually or by adjusting the intake feed of your automatic system. If you test the product right out of the bottle, your test trip will appear white. It’s not that the product has no active chlorine, rather it has too much chlorine and is therefore “blowing out” the test strip. Once you dilute the product way down you will see the test trip can now test accurately.

61101 4×1 gal/cs
61105 5 gal/pl

E.P.A. Reg. U.S.D.A. Approved, Yellow Solution

SDS Sheet.

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