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Chemcor Floorzyme Bioactive Enzyme Floor and Surface Cleaner, 4-Gal/Case

ITEM # 80223
  • An enriched bioactive enzyme floor and surface cleaner.
  • Designed to penetrate porous surfaces effectively.
  • Cleans, brightens and eliminates odors in one application.
  • For daily cleaning and degreasing of floors and most any other surface.
  • Excellent for daily cleaning of commercial kitchen floor matting. 


Floorzyme Bioactive Enzyme Floor and Surface Cleaner

This is a enriched bioactive enzyme, multi floor surface, non-rinsing cleaner. Uniquely designed to penetrate porous surfaces effectively clean, brighten, and eliminate odors in one application.

For daily cleaning and degreasing of kitchen and food prep floors such as quarry tile, grout, ceramic tile, porcelain, stone, vinyl, linoleum, wood, laminate, concrete, and most any other surface not harmed by water. Powerful, non-flammable concentrate for fast penetration.

As the bioactive enzymes digest food soils, they reduce odor caused by decay. Also, the bioactive enzymes reduce slippage as they digest the oils and greases that make quarry tile slick. As an added benefit, as excess product is flushed down the drain, the bioactive enzymes go to work on soils and greases present in the drain. Floors cleaned with this product provide positive traction and result in a cleaner, safer work environment.


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Weight38 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 12 in
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