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Chemcor Soft & Sour Concentrated Fabric Softener & Alkalinity Neutralizer 5. Gal

ITEM # 65113
      • Combination sour additive and fabric softener in convenient liquid form.
      • Lubricates fabrics and reduces static electricity, leaving a soft-touch feeling.
      • Prevents yellowing and graying by neutralizing residual alkali and dissolving hard water lime and iron stains.
      • Safe for use on all cottons, linens and synthetic fabrics.


Chemcor Soft & Sour Concentrated Fabric Softener

Chemcor Laundry Soft & Sour is concentrated and for use in all types of laundry applications. Improves softness and fluff to all washables while reducing harshness and hardness from detergents high in alkalinity. Regular usage helps in ironing, drying and reduces static cling in cottons, woolens, synthetics and all other washable fabrics.

Laundry Soft & Sour promotes easier ironing, softer clothes, wrinkle free perma-press and helps keep fabrics new looking and lasting longer. No residual build-up and non-yellowing formula.

Directions for Use:

Machine Washing: Use 3-4 oz. per 50 lb. Dry load. Amount will vary with machine size. Always add Laundry Soft & Sour to final rinse water and not directly onto fabrics. If machine stops, reset final rinse and add Laundry Soft & Sour as above. Machines that have a automatic dispenser add at least 3 oz. of water with Laundry Soft & Sour, or check with manufacturer’s directions.

Hand Washing: Add 1 oz. to final rinse water. Do not add starch, bleach, bluing or packaged water softener to same rinse water, add in separate rinse water.


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