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Wash N’ Wax One Step Fleet & Vehicle Cleaner/Wax 4-Gal/Case

$78.20 /case

ITEM # 10401

  • Blue concentrate. One step fleet vehicle cleaner and wax
  • Highly concentrated vehicle wash interlocked with a protective wax coating
  • Starting Dilution: 1 to 128


Chemcor One step vehicle wash and wax is a highly concentrated vehicle wash interlocked with a protective wax coating. Formulated with a blend of detergents and penetrants which are very effective on grease, bugs, oil, tree sap and road film. Deposits a protective wax coating which lengthens the intervals between washes. Drys out to a nice shine.

Fleet Wash
Perfect for cleaning aircrafts, buses, trucks, city vehicles, farming equipment…..
Highly concentrated and effective, Fleet Wash leaves a wax-like finish. Contains a special blend of detergents that causes water to literally sheet away, minimizing spotting and the need to hand-dry. This high-foaming, water-soluble detergent is safe for use on all finishes, rubber and Plexiglas®.

• Safe for aluminum and composites
• Gentle cleaning agent won’t harm the finish
• Non-toxic
• Non-corrosive

*Starting dilution: 1 to 128 blue concentrate

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Weight38 lbs
Dimensions12.5 × 12.5 × 12.5 in