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Diamond Splash Guard Disposable Antimicrobial Carpet Urinal Floor Mats, 12/Case

$68.75 /case

Item # 25109

Prevent puddles caused by water or a gentleman’s poor aim.
  • Antimicrobial. Blocks bacteria-causing odors. Maintains an upscale appearance for high-end restrooms.
  • Disposable. Lasts 4-6 weeks.
  • Non Slip bottom.


These Disposable antimicrobial urinal mats are used under urinals to capture fluid. These mats grip the floor and capture any fluid that escapes. They will eliminate odors and air dry quickly while keeping floors around urinals dry. These mats will absorb and retain urine thus preventing any discoloration on your floor and lingering odors. Each mat has a strong antimicrobial agent that will stop odors from starting.


  • Actual: 16 3/4 x 20 1/2″ (W x D)


  • Top: Nonwoven, needle-punched polyester
  • Backing: Blended rubber

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