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Impact 3.5 oz. Deodorizing Cherry Block Urinal Screen Non‑Para with Enzymes 12/Box

$28.75 /Box

Item # 25010

  • 3.5-oz non-para block and screen
  • Enzyme block prevents drain clogs
  • “Non-splash” design
  • Cherry Fragrance and cleans up tp 2,400 flushes


These Urinal screens with 3.5 oz. blocks are air soluble replacements for para products and are VOC-compliant in all 50 states. Triple-action cleaner and deodorizer with enzymes work to keep urinals clean and further neutralize odor. Urinal screens with blocks are safe to handle and designed to last 30-45 days.

IMPACT Urinal Screens are easy to use. There’s no cello bag to throw away. The non-para block is wrapped in a water-soluble film that protects it during transport, but then dissolves once placed in water. Simply place the screen in the urinal and enjoy long-lasting freshness for the next 2,400 flushes!