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Pro-Link B14318 ChemiCenter II 4-Button Chemical Dispensing System

$379.00 /Unit

ITEM # 45050
  • This chemical management system is easy to use and provides a consistent, accurate dilution each and every time.
  • Completely closed dispensing system
  • Single knob for intuitive product selection
  • Simple installation and water hookup
  • English/Spanish product labels
  • Single key locks both cabinet doors.
  • Wall-mounted training guide


Pro-Link B14318 ChemiCenter II 4-Button Chemical Dispensing System

Pro-Link ChemiCenter II Dilution Control System. This 4 Button Cabinet delivers an easy to use dilution control system. The single key locking cabinet houses four chemicals that can be selected by turning a dial. Switching from large container filling to a quart bottle is as easy as the touch of a button. In conclusion, there are many features for the user.

If you’re using ready-to-use commercial cleaning chemicals, you could save 80% or more by switching to PrimeSource Cleaning Solution Dispensing systems. With the Pro-Link dilution control system, you get perfectly diluted cleaning solutions, every time, at the simple touch of a button. Our cleaning solution dispensing delivers highly effective cleaning concentrates direct to your facility.

Eliminate waste, save money, and never run out of needed cleaning supplies with our easy-to-operate dispensing system and patented refills. You can economically fill spray bottles, buddy jugs, mop buckets, auto scrubbers, and carpet extraction equipment.

Each bottle contains a proprietary cap to fit 80 oz. bottle. One handed bottle activation point mitigates foam. Provides bottle fill and bucket fill option for all four products. Meets ASSE Standard #1055, Performance Requirements for Chemical Dispensing Systems. Pre-plumber dispenser makes for fast installation.

Dispenser specifications:
  • Lockable cabinet. Comes with 2 keys. Secure 3 point lock, top, middle and bottom, keeps product concentrates safe.
  • ASSE Approved back flow device prevents contamination of water source.
  • Simple installation. Minimum setup required. No tips to insert, no tubes to install. Comes ready to use, simply mount on wall, connect to water source, insert products and begin diluting products.


Chemical Application Chart

Additional information

Weight16 lbs
Dimensions29 × 24 × 11 in

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