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PRO-LINK® B14320 ChemiCenter ll™ Portable Dilution Control Dispenser

ITEM # 45055
  • Handle activated tripper for one handed operation. Locking ring (red) for continuous flow.
  • Proprietary cap fits 80 oz. bottle.
  • Hanging bracket assembly for hands free dispensing
  • Can be used to fill mop buckets or spray bottles


PRO-LINK® B14320 ChemiCenter ll™ P Portable Dilution Control Dispenser

ProLink portable dispensing system does it all. Fill bottles, buckets, automatic scrubbers and foaming spray applications from small convenient package. Simply hook up the hose and dial your application. No tubes to connect or metering tips to install. No mounting required.

Choose from 19 different concentrate products for practically any cleaning application. The dispenser provides a significant waste reduction over ready to use products. 

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