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Heavy-Duty 32oz Spray Bottle with Chemical Resistant Sprayer Combo

$3.75 /Each

Item # 60196

  • Heavy Duty, Sturdy HDPE Plastic Bottle
  • Full 32oz (946ml) Capacity, 9 3/4 dip tube
  • Designed for Impact and Chemical Resistance
  • Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Sprayer
  • EZ Grip: 3-Finger Trigger with Rear Support
  • Less Finger Fatigue: Large Spray Output


Chemical Resistant Sprayer with 32 oz Spray Bottle is the first choice for auto detailing and janitorial cleaning professionals. Outstanding performance for household use, also. This combo keeps working long after standard trigger sprayers quit, clog up, or drip. Use this trigger spray bottle with your harshest, heavy-duty cleaners, degreasers, tire dressings, window cleaners, carpet cleaners, and even D-limonene (citrus cleaners). Excellent choice for demanding jobs and everyday cleaning and dispensing applications.