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ProLink ChemiCenter II #12 Blitz Heavy Duty Degreaser

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ProLink ChemiCenter II #12 Blitz Heavy Duty Degreaser

ProLink ChemiCenter II Blitz Heavy Duty Degreaser #12 Heavy duty, butyl-based degreaser. Removes grease, oil, graffiti.  Attacks the toughest soils on most washable surfaces. Dissolves but also emulsify soil, allowing it to be wiped or rinsed away completely. Product must be diluted before use. See your supervisor or technical sales representative for instructions on dispenser use. Dispense diluted product into a spray bottle or mop bucket, or automatic scrubber then applies the product by mop, sprayer, the sponge also automatic scrubber to soiled surface. Allow standing for several minutes. For heavier soil, agitate briskly with a brush or aggressive pad. For normal soil, allow the product to do the work. Wipe clean with a moist rag or sponge pick up with a wet-vac or mop. Where applicable then rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid contact with windows also other glass surfaces. In conclusion, see the SDS Sheet Blitz Heavy Duty Degreaser

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