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Natural Heavy-Duty HDPE Plastic Bottle with Solvent Resistant Trigger Sprayer – 32 OZ

$5.88 /ea

ITEM # 60134
      • Leak Proof chemical resistant trigger sprayer no leak venting system primes quickly and stay primed.
      • Ergonomic design HDPE spray bottle lets the sprayer rest comfortably in your hand and lessening hand fatigue.
      • House, Commercial, Industrial Uses – All purpose. Our multi purpose spray bottles have an excellent chemical compatibility.
      • By turning the nozzle, you can adjust the output to a strong stream, a wide mist, or anything in between.
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HDPE Plastic Bottle with Solvent Resistant Trigger Sprayer – 32 OZ

Tired of trigger sprayers that wear out quickly and struggle to withstand tough chemicals? Look no further, our solvent resistant trigger sprayer and HDPE bottle lives up to its purpose.

The Tolco Chemical Resistant trigger sprayer is a reliable and durable that excels in handling tough chemicals. Its adjustable nozzle allows for both fine spray and powerful jet streams, making it suitable for various tasks. With its long lifespan, this trigger sprayer outlasts other sprayers on the market, saving time and money. It also offers 40% more volume per stroke, reducing effort and fatigue during prolonged use. For superior chemical resistance, durability, and efficiency. 


Product Features
    • Trigger – Viton® O-ring and piston cup hold up against the harshest chemicals, even D-limonene.
    • Hi-volume Output.
    • Even Spray Pattern.
    • Quality – Built To Last.
    • Embossed HDPE Plastic Bottle Dilution Scale.
    • 32 Ounce Capacity Plastic Bottle.
    • Tapered Neck.