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TOUGH GUY Swivel Utility Doodle Bug Pad Holder, 10″ X 4.5″, Poly Blend, Gray

$12.49 /ea

ITEM # 55141
    • Locking collar adjusts ensuring snug fit with most handles.
    • Swivels to reach both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
    • Durable and lightweight.
    • For use with 5 inch x 10 inch doodlebug utility pads.


TOUGH GUY Swivel Utility Doodle Bug Pad Holder

Baseboard cleaning holders allow workers to clean without stooping or kneeling. They attach to our  handles while handheld baseboard cleaning tools have a handle to provide control and reduce hand fatigue.

This ACS Holder is the ideal cleaning tool for reaching hard to get at places like baseboards, stairs, under fixtures and furniture. Hundred of tiny hooks on the base of these holders secure the utility pad firmly in place. The pad simply peels away from the holder for reversing or replacing.