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    Chemcor 61905 Bar Rinse E.P.A Registered DS-10 Surface Food Service Sanitizer 5-Gal

    ITEM # 80196 An E.P.A institutional food service  Sanitizer & Disinfectant. Virucide & Sanitize. Can be used like Barbicide. Used in Bars, Restaurants, Brewery, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools and Homes. Sold and shipped by the case, Unscented. Manufacturer # 61905.
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  • sunburst chemical solid green 22 grease trap and drain treatment

    Sunburst 1622S1 SG-22 Solid Drain Grease Trap Maintainer 1 x 4 lbs./Box

    ITEM # 80264 Keeps drain lines free-flowing and grease traps functioning properly, reducing BODs, CODs and suspended solids. Can be used in mopping applications in kitchens, restrooms and dock areas to breakdown organic material and for odor control. Eliminates odors from drains and grease traps. Packed 1 capsule per box.
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  • Sunburst 5160S1 Sentinel Solid Warewash Sanitizer 1 x 3 lbs./Box

    Sunburst 5160S1 Sentinel Solid Warewash Sanitizer 1 x 3 lbs./Box

    ITEM # 80124 Sentinel is an effective multi-purpose food service no-rinse sanitizer. For use in commercial restaurants, bars, food processing plants, and other food handling institutions. The quaternary ammonium chloride sanitizer is effective in hard water conditions. Packed 1 capsule per box.
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  • Sunburst 6010S1 Shamrock Solid Pot & Pan Detergent 1 x 4 lbs./Box

    ITEM # 80153 Specially formulated to remove greasy soils on contact. High sudsing, mild to the hands. Formulated for 3 - sink compartment sinks. Each capsule yields approximately 2,130 gallons of use solution per 4 lb capsule. NSF certified.
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  • Sunburst 6015S1 Beacon Solid flatware presoak 1 x 4.75lb. / Box

    ITEM # 80261 Specially formulated to prepare tableware for spotless, one pass washing. Safe, convenient and controlled use. Effective, yet mild to hands. Concentrated formula removes tarnish and stubborn dried-on foods. Packed 1 capsule per box.
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  • Sunburst 61514 Chemical Performance Plus Dish wash Detergent

    Sunburst Performance Plus Hi/Low Temp Commercial Solid Dishwash Detergent, 4 x 8 lbs/Case

    ITEM # 80148 Compatible with both high and low temperature dish machines. Excellent hard water tolerance. Leaves surfaces film & streak-free. Formulated to remove heavy soils with ease. Packed 4 capsules per case. Manufacture # 61514.
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  • Chemcor Solution-1 Ultra All-Temp Liquid Commercial Dish machine Detergent 5-Gal

    ITEM #80311 All-Temp heavy duty non-chlorinated all temperature machine warewashing detergent. Use in both high or low temp machines. Works quickly, safely, and effectively to cut through grease. Easily clean cooking utensils, dishes, silverware, and glassware. Manufacturer #60905.
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  • Chemcor Solution 2 All-Temp Final Rinse Aid Additive 5-GAL

    ITEM #80312 A concentrated rinse additive delivers rapid sheeting for spot free drying.  Accelerates drying & controls foaming. Formulated for use at temperatures as low as 125o F. Solution 2 is compatible with all recommended low temp sanitizers. Effective in both low and high temperature machines. Hard water effective. 5 Gal. Pail, ea
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  • Chemcor Solution 3 Ultra-San Low-Temp Chlorinating Dishwash Sanitizer 5-Gal

    ITEM # 80314 EPA registered sodium hypochlorite based sanitizer for use in low temperature and low energy dish machines. Safe for use on stainless steel glass china porcelain and plastic. Chlorine additive eliminates coffee and tea stains. Cleaning effectiveness attacks protein soils. 5 Gal. Pail, ea MANUFACTURER # 61105
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  • Chemcor Hi-Temp Dishwashing Rinse Additive – 4 Gal/Case

    ITEM # 80067 Compatible with under-the-counter dishwashers chemical dispensing systems. For use in high temperature commercial dish machines. Best suited for use on china, glasses, silverware, and plasticware. Helps prevent spotting on tableware. Leaves dishes and glassware sparkling and clean.
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  • Chemcor Flatware Presoak and Silver Detarnisher – 4 Gal/Case

    ITEM #80136 Easily removes dried on food, tarnish and dulling films on silver, stainless ware, plastic and china. Liquid Concentrate, economical and saves money. Reduces Rewash, Spotless one pass washing. Brightens, Cleans and shines stainless Steel ware. Fast Acting  and Labor saving.
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  • Chemcor Enzyme Power Institutional Drain Maintainer & Deodorizer – 4 Gal/Case

    ($13.95/gal) ITEM # 80701 Cleans Grease Traps, Septic Systems and Septic System Safe. Ready to Use/Concentrated. Effectively degrades fats, oils, greases, and other food waste. Deodorizes drain lines, sewers, cesspools, and more. Biodegradable formula allows for safe use.
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