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  • Chemcor Barware Glassware & Utensil Cleaner Concentrate 4-Gal/Case

    ITEM # 80068 Removes grease and oils for a spotless finish Can be used in any type of water Use only 1 oz. of detergent for 3 gal. of water Non-abrasive to hands  
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  • Chemcor Floorzyme Bioactive Enzyme Floor and Surface Cleaner, 4-Gal/Case

    ITEM # 80223 An enriched bioactive enzyme floor and surface cleaner. Designed to penetrate porous surfaces effectively. Cleans, brightens and eliminates odors in one application. For daily cleaning and degreasing of floors and most any other surface. Excellent for daily cleaning of commercial kitchen floor matting. 
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  • Sunburst 600051 Score Solid Floor Food Service Cleaner and Degreaser, 1 x 4.5 lbs./Box

    Sunburst 600051 Score Solid Floor Food Service Cleaner and Degreaser, 1 x 4.5 lbs./Box

    ITEM # 80263 Emulsifies grease and oil on food preparation and meat cutting surfaces, walls, floors or any hard surfaces. Rinses Easily And Leaves No Residue Or Film. Each capsule yields an impressive 180-720 gallons of use-solution. Packed 1 capsule per box.  
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  • Chemcor Enzyme Power Institutional Drain Maintainer & Deodorizer – 4 Gal/Case

    ($13.95/gal) ITEM # 80701 Cleans Grease Traps, Septic Systems and Septic System Safe. Ready to Use/Concentrated. Effectively degrades fats, oils, greases, and other food waste. Deodorizes drain lines, sewers, cesspools, and more. Biodegradable formula allows for safe use.
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  • Hillyard I-Force® SM-1® Industrial Cleaner Degreaser, 4-Gallon/Case

    ITEM # 60198 A concentrated industrial degreaser designed for today's hard to remove soils Use on concrete floors, air filters, exhaust hoods, walls, machine parts, and more Formulated with Accelerated Action Technology to work faster Certified for NSF Category A1, A4
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  • WorkForce Professional Heavy-Duty Concrete & Masonry Floor Cleaner Degreaser 4 Gal/Case

    ITEM # 60130 Removes hard-to-remove tire marks, oil and grease stains from concrete, quarry tile, brick, and asphalt surfaces Super Concentrate makes up to 32 gallons of cleaner degreaser Powerful Solution When Used with Pressure Washing Systems Not Intended for Use on Painted, Stained or Sensitive Surfaces
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  • Chemcor Chemical Orangeforce Citrus Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser 4-Gal/Case

    ITEM # 60110 Formulated with d-limonene and fortified with surfactants and emulsifiers to provide rapid penetration and removal of heavy water insoluble soils. Powerful Citrus formula tackles grease, clogged drains, graffiti, and lingering odors and more. A powerful non-butyl kitchen floor cleaner and degreaser. Contains no petroleum distillates. Manufacturer item # 80601.
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  • GENLABS Break Away Food Service Degreaser Cleaner – Gal, 4/Case

    Item # 80639 A professional foamy kitchen and food service degreaser / cleaner Designed to clean all surfaces in meat rooms, restaurants and food prep areas For use on floors, walls, stainless steel surfaces, ovens and equipment
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  • CHEMCOR Commercial Kitchen Hood & Vent Cleaner Degreaser 4 – Gal/Case

    Item # 82201 Professional strength cleaner/degreaser that gets the job done Excellent for use on kitchen hoods, vents, refrigerators, kitchen walls and all other surfaces. PACKED: 4 GALLONS PER CASE.  
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