Dust Mop Towel Cloth Treatment Misty 18-oz

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Dust Mop Towel Cloth Treatment Misty 18-oz

Dust Mop towel cloth treatment contains no wax or silicon. Furthermore It does not make the treated surface slippery and will not damage floor surfaces when used as directed. Misty dust mop treatment replaces sweeping compounds and eliminates the dust created when using Push Dust Mops. Misty cloth and mop treatment should be used whenever surfaces such as asphalt tile, linoleum, vinyl, rubber tile, marble, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, cork, and wood are dusted. Any cloths treated with this product are ideal for dusting plastics, formica surfaces and chalkboards. In conclusion when you are replacing air conditioner filters spray the new filter before installing trapping all that dust.

DIRECTIONS: Spray the mop until moist, never get it wet. Do not spray at the very ends of the mop. Shake the mop vigorously to release all the old dust and renew it by spraying lightly in center of mop. When the mop head becomes excessively soiled, remove and wash in a soapy solution and try our Laundry force soap to clean it like new.

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