Dust Mop Zephyr Cotton Pro-Cut Mop Head

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Dust Mop Zephyr Cotton Pro-Cut Mop Heads Sizes 5 X 24, 5 X 36, 5 X 48

Dust mop zephyr cotton pro-cut mop heads are a 4-Ply white cotton yarn. Cleans laminate, concrete, and wood floors. furthermore three sizes to choose from 5 x 24, 5 x 36, 5 x 48. Zephyr durable construction sewn with double stitching has a long life. Perfect for high traffic floors also will hold up to the toughest dirt, grime and dust. In conclusion using our towel cloth treatment will make your work even easier. Like or Share us.




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Pro Dust Mop Microfiber

Mop 5×24, Mop 5×24 6-Pack, Mop 5×36, Mop 5×36 6-Pack, Mop 5×48, Mop 5×48 6-Pack


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