Greenforce Butyl Degreaser Cleaner Chemcor 1-Gallon

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Greenforce Butyl Degreaser Cleaner Institutional Chemcor 1-Gallon

Greenforce butyl is a cellosolve free cleaner, degreaser, and deodorizer. Furthermore this cleaner is a professional, institutional multi-use cleaner which is safe and a very effective substitute for solvents, caustic acids, toxic cleaners, and bleach. This high active and penetrating formula is rapid with fast removal of grease, grime, oils, and many other tough soils. Use with a mop as a daily maintenance cleaner for floors, walls, kitchens, dining areas, bathrooms, shower stalls, locker rooms, trash areas. In conclusion all this leaving a sassafras scent. We also recommend our Break Away degreaser and Orange Force.

DIRECTIONS: 2 to 4 oz. of concentrate per one gallon of water.

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