Pumice Porcelain & Tile Scouring Stick Pumie Heavy Duty 12/dz

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Pumice Porcelain & Tile Scouring Stick Pumie Heavy Duty 12/dz

Scouring stick pumie heavy duty works on unsightly toilet bowl rings. Furthermore takes off the hard calcium build up you get overtime at the water line in the ca-mode. It tackles Stubborn stains in your tubs, sinks, and showers. The sticks will reduce rock hard mineral deposits around faucets and drains. With extra help from those stubborn stains try our Descaler plus or Creme cleanser. Pumie will take off lime and algae deposits in swimming pools. Working on rust and grime in your workshop and on garden tools. The stone will work on unwanted paint on tile masonry and concrete surfaces. In conclusion great for baked on food and carbon build up in ovens, barbecues, grills, and iron cooking.

DIRECTIONS: Product must be used with water. First wet the stick while rubing the edge of the stick on the surface you wish to clean also use back and forth strokes. The paste buildup helps to clean and polish. Then wash the cleaned surface of residue. Next rinse under running water to clean surface.

DO NOT USE: On soft highly polished metals, unbaked enamel finishes, glass, fiberglass, and other plastics.


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