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SM-1 Industrial Degreaser Cleaner Concentrate 1-Gallon

SM-1 Industrial Degreaser Cleaner Concentrate 1-Gallon

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SM-1 Strong Cleaner Degreaser

SM-1 strong cleaner degreaser formulated to accelerate the removal of oil, dirt, grease, and grime. Customers can use the product on floors, walls, equipment, vehicles, metal buildings. Apply with an automatic scrubber, sprayer, brush, mop, or sponge. Furthermore this product will Remain stable up to 180 degrees while the concentrated cleaner is mixed with hot water also for improved cleaning efficiency. Excellent for cleaning and degreasing floors, air filters, exhaust hoods, conveyors, walls, metal equipment. Use basically on any hard surface not damaged by water. Also try our Hood and Vent Cleaner. Like or Share us.

Use light cleaning with auto scrubbing equipment dilute chemical 1:128 1 oz. per gallon. When using Normal cleaning Dilute 1:64 2 oz. per gallon. using Heavy cleaning Dilute 1:20 6 oz. per gallon. On all Heavy duty degreasing dilute 1:10 12 oz. per gallon.

Using high pressure pour the concentrate into the solution compartment of a pressure washer. Set the nozzle spray pattern 15 to 45 degrees for standard soil conditions. Use a minimum of 400 psi is recommended for best results select dilution rate based on soil load. NOTICE test the solution on inconspicuous area when using on a surface for first time. In conclusion Do not proceed if adverse effects occur on paint, metal, or other surfaces.

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1 review for SM-1 Industrial Degreaser Cleaner Concentrate 1-Gallon

  1. Tracy Emmons

    I am so impressed with the cleaning power of this degreaser. I have used it around the house on everything from my grill to the garage floor. No scrubbing was required, I just let it sit on the surface and I wiped ground in dirt and grime off with a sponge. It’s simple to use and does a great job.

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