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CHEMCOR Floor Neutralizer Rinse and Cleaner Concentrate 4-Gal/Case

Item # 30059

  • Industrial strength rinsing compound for resilient flooring
  • Designed to remove residues left by floor stripper and ice melting compounds and detergents
  • Concentrated solution of wetting agents and mild pH neutralizers
  • Eliminates browning of rugs and carpeting


Neutralizes the alkalinity left on floor after stripping, degreasing and cleaning. Permits safe application of new wax and water emulsion based floor finishes. Concentrated. Use Floor Neutralizer to reduce the effect of residue from detergents, strippers or other compounds on floors. It can also be used to get rid of browning on rugs and carpet. The floor neutralizer increases the adhering, leveling, and penetrating qualities of floor finishing products. Safe for use on hardwood and vinyl floors, and will not damage finishes.

1:128 Dilution Clear Concentrate

Manufactures item # 21001

SDS Sheet

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