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Empress Elite Quick-Serve 1-Ply Interfolded Dispenser Napkin

$58.70 /Case

ITEM # 80109

  • Poly packaged to keep them clean and sanitary until ready for use.
  • 12.5″ X 8.5″  Interfold Dispenser Napkin
  • 1-ply, 1/4 fold brown
  • Packed 6000 napkins per case


These 1-ply interfold napkins provide improved hygiene for foodservice establishments, concession stands, break rooms, and more, meeting the needs of users looking for a more affordable product. These napkins can be placed on countertops and tabletops, so patrons can select one for themselves. They are made of natural materials and are strong, soft, and absorbent. Because they come in packs of 6,000, they are long-lasting and replaceable.

Compatible with dispenser:

  • Item 80156 (6332000) Tower dispenser
  • Item 80058 (6432000) Table top dispenser

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