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Golden Star 21″ SOIL-SORB™ Carpet Cleaning Bonnet 6-Case

ITEM # 61253
  • Looped and blended yarn for outstanding absorbency.
  • High profile and launderable.
  • Non aggressive looped yarn ends work with any carpet style.
  • Available in 13″, 17″ & 21″ inch size.
  • Sold each or by the case of 6.


Golden Star 21″ SOIL-SORB™ Carpet Cleaning Bonnet

The Soil-Sorb carpet cleaning bonnets are ideal for using on carpets in high traffic areas where drying time needs to be quick. These Carpet Bonnets, recommended by carpet experts, are specially designed with a unique combination of both looped and cut ends. Blended bonnets are composed of 50 percent cotton, 40 percent rayon and 10 percent polyester.

  • The cut ends absorb while the looped ends continue to scrub your carpets clean.
  • Very efficient for carpet drying as well.
  • Machine washable up to 40 times.
  • The carpet bonnet is supposed to be changed or turned when the pad surface stops absorbing soil, this is normally between 500-700 square feet per pad side.
  • Non-aggressive looped yarn ends work with any carpet style
  • Available sizes: 13,17 in. and 21 in.
Laundering Instructions:

Our Soil-Sorb pads clean easily without bleach and are safe for almost any carpet. Do not use bleach or fabric softener when laundering. Air dry for longest life. Do not exceed 130 degrees. If a dryer is used, use lowest setting. May shrink 1/2 to 3/4 inch after laundering.

The Proper Method of Bonnet Cleaning Your Carpet:

The bonnet cleaning system is a “Surface Cleaning System”. When properly executed in your housekeeping program, the bonnet system plays an integral role in your plan with minimal cost. If done properly, this method can enhance a carpet’s appearance with surprising results.


User Instructions:
  1. Vacuum the carpeted areas and remove all obvious spots and stains prior to bonnet cleaning your carpet surface.
  2. Place wet floor signs at easy-to-see locations near the entrances into the area being cleaned.
  3. Premix the Extraction or encapsulating detergent with the proper amount of HOT water. Fill the appropriate spray tank with the pre-mixed detergent and pressurize your tank. Mix in small batches, this will keep the water temperature high.
  4. Spray carpet bonnet with the pre-mixed solution of detergent and spray an area of carpet (10′ x 10′) with the same detergent, holding the nozzle of the sprayer at least 12″ above floor surface.
  5. Allow the detergent to dwell on the carpet for at 1-2 minutes.
  6. Place the floor machine with the bonnet and agitate carpet surface with floor machine and move in a left to right pattern (overlapping by one quarter) and continue on. Average dry times range from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on relative humidity condition.
  7. Allow carpet to thoroughly dry before removing Wet Floor signs and opening to traffic. Carpet Dryers will aid in the drying process.
  8. Post vacuum the carpet within 6-8 hours. The crystallizing technology of our  encapsulation shampoo is designed so that the encapsulated soil could be extracted through routine post-vacuuming.
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