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Pro-Link B14097 Extra Duty 24% HCI Acid Bowl Cleaner 12 Qrts/Case

$57.86 / case

ITEM # 26026
  • A powerful cleaning action formulated with 24% hydrochloric acid. Provides extra cleaning power for toilet bowls and urinals.
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Toilet and urinal cleaner keep bathrooms clean and odor free
  • Breaks down stains, urine, rust, limescale, and mineral deposits to keep the water in toilet bowls and urinals clear
  • Mfr # B14097


Pro-Link B14097 Extra Duty 24% HCI Acid Bowl Cleaner

A powerful, one-step bowl and bath cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in one step. Rich sudsing action instantly dissolves tough iron, calcium, and lime deposits. Corrosion inhibitors coat drain pipes with an invisible film which protects pipes. Contains 24% hydrochloric acid that dissolves the heaviest mineral and rust deposits.

Perfect for “high use” restrooms, areas with extremely hard water, or for infrequently cleaned bowls/urinals. Detergents additives emulsify organic soils allowing the acid to reach and dissolve mineral deposits.

This is the product to remove “water lines” or for “catch-up” cleaning. Disease-causing micro-organisms are the invisible soils PRO LINK 24% Heavy Duty Bowl Cleaner eliminates the source of offensive odors. The area smells clean.


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Weight28 lbs
Dimensions14 × 11 × 11 in