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Safety Flo Commercial 3′ x 5′ Grease-Resistant Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat, Red

$85.79 /each

ITEM # 30067
  • A slip-resistant kitchen commercial floor mat ideal for wet environments.
  • Solid construction resists heat, water, chemicals, and physical abrasion.
  • Anti-fatigue design reduces leg and back strain.
  • Holes allow liquids and debris to drain properly from floor surfaces.
  • Beveled edge reduces the chance of tripping.


Americo Safety FLO™ Commercial 3′ x 5′ Kitchen Floor Mat

Safety Flo nitrile rubber drainage mats are ideal for dry or wet environments. This slip-resistant mat is designed to be light-weight and more flexible than most food service mats.

Safety Flo mats are manufactured with an anti-microbial treatment to prevent odors and deterioration of the mat. This grease, oil, and chemical-resistant floor mat is constructed with drainage holes that allows liquids to drain easily.


5 Simple Anti-Fatigue Mat Cleaning Tips

Commercial Kitchen beveled floor mats are often used in high traffic areas where oil, grease, and dirt are prevalent. Commercial mat cleaning is key in making these investments last as long as possible. Consider these 5 simple tips on the best way to clean your floor mats.

  1. Use our Floorzyme cleaner with hot water to clean the anti-fatigue mat surface and eliminate grease or oil. Water temperature should not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit but should not be any colder than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to clean these mats at least once a week to prevent the oil and grease from building up on the mat and from damaging the mat surface. The hot water along with the cleaner will dissolve grease and oil residue during emulsification.
  2. Do not mechanically scrub these mats. They do not require aggressive cleaning techniques or drying procedures with mechanical intervention. The entire cleaning process should not exceed more than 20 minutes with steps including flushing, letting the water and solution apply, rinsing, draining (depending if your mat has holes), and then drying.
  3. Do not use high pH chemicals, bleach, alkalis, or solvents to clean as these materials could damage the mat surface. Do not use a detergent that exceeds a pH level of 9.5. Before choosing a cleaner make sure that it is recommended for the particular anti-fatigue mat you have.
  4. Deep clean with a poly scrub brush and hose off on to remove grease, grim, soil, and dirt. If you are hosing, the water pressure does not have to be set high. You would be surprised to learn how much soil and dirt is tracked through mats each day. Maintain your mats with this simple but effective technique.
  5. Allow the mats to dry before placing them. Lay them flat after being cleaned and give them the proper time required to cool off. Also, do not immediately roll your mat and allow time to dry.

These cleaning tips will help you maintain your anti-fatigue mats for years to come!


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