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Solaris D68004 LoCor Mechanical Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

ITEM # 11214
  • Ideal for class A offices, resorts & hotels, health care offices and food service locations
  • Manual pull down mechanism eliminates the need for batteries or ac power
  • Fits 8″ width roll towels
  • Designed to deliver one towel at a rime, every time. This high capacity dispenser allows the user to only touch the towel they use
  • Reduces the incidence of the spread of bacteria
  • Battery free operation
  • 16.76″ x 12.38″ x 10″


Solaris D68004 LoCor Mechanical Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser

The Locor dispenser is made to help minimize paper waste and consumption, this paper towel dispenser is a great addition to virtually any facility. The wall-mounted design allows placement just about anywhere.

The wall-mounted design provides a wide range of placement options. Mechanical controls allow patrons to use just the right amount. Tough plastic construction can withstand minor impacts and bumps. Holds up to 1,000ft of hard roll paper towels. Backed by the manufacturers 1-year limited warranty.

Touchless hands-free operation with a quick, smooth paper delivery. Low pull force virtually eliminating tabbing. Emergency feed assists in paper advance if needed. Key lock discourages theft. Accommodate LoCor® roll towels, both 7″ and 8″ widths. Smooth and reliable operation. Enhance image with sleek modern dispenser design.

This item D68004 fits the roll towels below
  • Item 11204 8″ x 800″ White Towel
  • Item 11698 8″ x 1000″ white Towel

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions17 × 13 × 11 in

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